Friday, January 19, 2018


"Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation", ex-Secret Service agent warns it is going to be 'Devastating’ to Obama

Alleged “S***” Remark Is A Diversion From A Potential Bombshell

Associate in Hillary Clinton Uranium One Russian Bribery Case Indicted

Alabama Declares State Of Emergency; as worst flu epidemic in years spreads across US; more than 100 dead

Arctic air and hard freeze from winter storm Inga spreads across Deep South US; more than 70 million under winter weather watches

Antarctica's 'Sleeping Giant' Glacier Is Melting From the Bottom Up

Albert Edwards: The Trigger For The Next Market Correction

A- To BBB+, China Downgrades US Credit Rating, Warns US Insolvency Would "Detonate Next Crisis"

Aaron Klein: Barack Obama Treated Israel ‘Like a S***’ for Eight Years; Atlantic, in 2014, even published article in which high-ranking Obama official called Benjamin Netanyahu "C***"; no outrage by CNN or any MSM

American Psychiatric Association warns left-wing psychiatrists to stop “diagnosing” President Trump without a medical examination… a total violation of medical ethics

Alveda King Counters Trump ‘Racism’ Claims, Slams Facebook for Blocking Pro-Life Message

Antonin Scalia Was A Closet Trump Supporter

Army Testing ‘Supersoldier’ Exoskeleton

Antifa Group Proposes “Law Enforcement Incineration Day”

Al-Qaeda’s Younger Brother Raising Funds to Expand Islamist Children’s School in south Florida

Amnesty Debate Is About 3.6 Million ‘Dreamers,’ not Just 800,000 DACA Illegals

Alien abductions stopped by the name of Jesus

Augmented reality software has real privacy implications: New app scans faces in pictures and automatically connects to their social media accounts

Aztecs were wiped out by horror ‘eye-bleeding’ disease that killed 15 million in just five years, scientists reveal (The Sun)

Asteroid 1/2 mile wide will have close fly by Earth on Feb 4

Alberta lit up by bright meteor just one day after bright meteor exploded over Michigan, registering as a 2.0 earthquake


Abbas Takes Off His Mask; Unhinged, Jew-hating tirade reveals why the peace process is dead

Abbas declares Oslo Accords dead

Abbas Fury Due to Trump Peace Plan

Abbas confirms Palestinians being offered Abu Dis as capital of future state


Acosta Refuses To Leave WH At End Of Press Briefing, Shouts At Trump About White People

Acosta Suggests WH Doctor Could Be Withholding Information About Trump’s Health

Acosta's stunningly rude and disrespectful conduct


Australia Votes Overwhelmingly For Gay Marriage After Heated Campaign

Australian flu may become pandemic exactly 100 years after Spanish flu pandemic of 1918

Australian Diplomat to UN Plunges To His Death After "Game Of Trust" Gone Wrong

Australia’s Economy Is A House Of Cards

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


$1 million donation by Apple to Southern Poverty Law Center to protest Trump

$2 million over asking price for homes in Silicon Valley

$2 million by Rosie O'Donnell to certain GOP senators if they would vote against Trump's tax bill

$2 million to Comey for book deal

$2.85 million to the Clintons for selling uranium to the Russians

$2.9 million by Obama campaigners to beat Roy Moore in Alabama

$3 million fine for Hobby Lobby for acquiring smuggled Iraqi artifacts

$4 million home for Maxine Waters

$6 million in ransom by HBO hackers after posting stolen 'Game Of Throne' scripts online

$6.7 million spent by Mueller in 4 months to investigate 'Russian collusion' versus same amount to investigate Benghazi in 2 years

$8 million and an apology from Canadian government to former Gitmo prisoner who killed U.S. soldier

$9 million for the Russian dossier

$10 million lawsuit by professor against skeptics of his global warming paper

$10 million, or more, lost by tennis legend Boris Becker to Nigerian scammers

$11 million gold heist from Brinks

$12.5 million fine for Bank of America for creating at least 15 mini 'flash crashes'

$14 million for empty field in Chicago where 'mysterious antenna' has appeared

$15 million paid out for sexual harassment claims by the same Congress that threatened to expel Roy Moore

$40 million per year -- Stephen Curry gets biggest contract in NBA history

$40 million burned by Dems to lose 4 elections and scam supporters

$84 million money-laundering scheme of Hillary Clinton's

$89 million from NFL to leftist causes

$90 million lost from New York Daily News in last 3 years

Friday, January 12, 2018


B-2 Stealth Bombers Deployed to Guam

Baghdad shaken by multiple strong earthquakes

Bali beaches covered in tons of garbage

Baltimore has now had 343 homicides in 2017, sets record for killings per capita

Bankruptcy Looms As Sears Warns "Will Consider All Options" If New Financing Process Fails

Beat any traffic ticket

Beating the masculinity out of men

Ben Rhodes Emerging as ‘Person of Interest’ in House Intelligence Committee Unmasking Probe

Biggest Censorship Story of our Lifetime - Twitter banning conservatives through shadow banning

Biggest Source of Planned Parenthood Revenue Is U.S. Taxpayers

Bill Koenig interviewed on ‘Eye to Eye’

"Biofortified": the new word Monsanto is using for "GMO"

Bizarre, useless college courses on the rise

Blueberries are awesome!

Boeing effort to sell to Iranian airline implicated in terror operations opposed by administration

Boeing Wins Contract to Develop Lasers for Drones

BOMBSHELL DOCUMENT DUMP: Fusion GPS was Paid by Clinton Campaign and FBI to Turn 2016 Election

BOMBSHELL report that proves Mark Levin RIGHT about Obama admin’s FISA abuses!

Boston breaks the highest ever recorded tide, followed by frozen floods

Brandon Smith: "Sorry, Joe Biden - The 'Soul' Of America Is Conservative"

Brave: Browse faster

Brown University to Allow Students to ‘Self-Identify’ as Persons of Color

Bubonic plague found in 2 bears in California; positive bear samples found in 32 counties in California

Ben Shapiro:

Ben Shapiro Defends Freedom of Speech in 2 Minutes

Ben Shapiro helps George Takei understand reality

Ben Shapiro helps Oprah understand 'truth'

Ben Shapiro reminds Eric Holder who was president in 2016, and it’s glorious

Ben Shapiro tweets picture that should strike fear into the heart of Keith Ellison

Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton and the "Lolita Express" Threaten to Nuke the Democrat Party From Orbit

Bill Clinton and the Selling of US Security

Bongino Threatens to Release Clinton-Epstein Details


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency could find a hub in Israel

Bitcoin Is Now Worth More Than Wal-Mart (The Entire Company)

Bitcoin Is Being Used By ‘Extremist Groups’ claims Washington Post

Thursday, January 11, 2018


1 million viewers walk away from NFL in 2017

1 Million Illegal Aliens Now Have Driver’s Licenses in California

1 million vehicles left ruined in wake of Hurricane Harvey

1 Million Ohio Public Employees Face Pension Cuts As Another Ponzi Teeters On The Brink

1.1 million illegal aliens voted for Hillary according to Judicial Watch report

1.4 million Americans have had their Social Security numbers stolen by illegal aliens

1.8 million immigrants in 2016 because of chain migration

2 million drop in food stamp enrollment under Trump

2 million acres set aside in California for the Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog

2.1 million people in United States use wells high in arsenic

2.3 million work permits granted to foreign workers by Obama in 2016

2.3 million US manufacturing jobs lost after China joined WTO

2.6 Million H-1B Foreign Workers Approved to Enter US in Last Decade, according to DHS

3.3 million phone calls listened in on with JUST 1 wiretap

3.5 million more people in the U.S. are registered to vote than are alive among America’s adult citizens, according to Judicial Watch

3.6 million killed by 2 lung diseases in 2015

3.6 million acres of crops across the Midwest killed by powerful Monsanto herbicide

5.7 illegals may have voted in 2016 election

7 million records of criminal convictions and mental illness missing from FBI database for gun buyers

7 million people would be affected by Cascadia earthquake and subsequent tsunami

7.2 million reasons to introduce Voter ID laws

14 million immigrants since 2006 because of chain migration

15 Million Americans Would Opt-Out Of Obamacare.. If They Could

22 million cut cable cord In 2017

30 million paid $0 in taxes, got $89.6 billion back

30 Million Americans Were Just Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure

35 million children exposed to graphic animated porn by video game store

38 million American households can’t afford their housing

41 Million Americans Are Living In Poverty This Christmas

43.7 total immigrant population, according to report in July 2016

76 million acres opened up to offshore drilling by Trump admin, largest in history

93 million people are killed PER DAY, according to Virginia's Democrat governor and Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe

143 million Social Security numbers hacked at Equifax

200 million voters' personal info left vulnerable by analytics firm unsecured server

247 million acres of farmland returned to the states, Trump overturns Obama's 'Waters of the United States' regulatory rule

600 million firearms are in the hands of US citizens

834 million dead trees in Colorado