Friday, October 20, 2017

10/20 - NEWS UPDATES (link fixed)

'American Pravda' part 3

Bubonic plague outbreak in Madagascar has the rich panicking as the disease hits the cities, a billion travel by air each year in and out off the island; it's always fatal if left untreated; initial patient traveled by cab into big city unaware that he was sick with plague

China Launches Yuan-Ruble Payment System

DHS Warns ISIS, Al Qaeda Are Planning '9/11-Style' Attack

ESO's unprecedented space discovery: Merging neutron stars scatter gold and platinum into space

FBI hid evidence of Russian bribery plot as US uranium signed over to Russia

Globalism: The existential enemy of sovereignty, security and prosperity

Here’s How Trump Has Silently Gutted Obama’s Legacy (linked fixed)

Iran Blasts Trump's "Rants And Whoppers", Says Will "Shred" Deal If US Pulls Out

Judgment by Fire: Peace talks first, then embassy move

Kelly slaps down a Democrat smear-monger

Las Vegas shooting: an in-depth analysis

Market Collapse is Looming, Recession is approaching as liquidity is leaving

NFL is becoming the piggy bank for every leftist cause in America

Obamacare Insurance Subsidies Trump Cancelled Were Outright Illegal; they Should Never Have Existed

Patriot Retort: Unintended consequence of the Weinstein Scandal

Quake at Lincoln, Montana

Russia Goes All In On Arctic Oil Development

Senate Launches Probe Into Russian Nuclear Bribery Case That Netted Clintons Millions

Trump didn't create danger of Presidential dictatorship, he inherited it

Uranium deal story is the BIGGEST treasonous and corruption scandal in the ENTIRE American history and the deafening silence from the deepstate leftwing MSM is PROOF

Vulture Investors Swarm To Houston As Flooded Homes Sell For 40 Cents On The Dollar

W, after eight years of scornful treatment from the Obamas, comes out swinging at Trump
(gg note: Isn't this odd timing considering the Uranium One deal came out in the news as well?)

x-Obama lackey grilled by Tucker Carlson over Uranium One story, 'This is your Russia story'

Yes, Weinstein Accusers Are Brave -- So Were Jones, Willey and Broaddrick

Zuckerberg's influence for Hillary in the 2016 election


Upcoming timeline:

October: October is often a bad month for the Dow Jones; 20 of the biggest one-day declines in the stock market occurred in October

Oct 31: Puerto Rico will run out of cash; Treasury Secretary Raul Maldonado has requested $6 billion to $8 billion from Congress to keep Puerto Rican government going for a few more months

Nov 4: Alt-Left planning anti-Trump riots in major cities
Was The Las Vegas Shooting A Preview Of The Violent Chaos That Antifa Plans To Unleash Starting On November 4th?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The horrific wildfires in California are finally being contained. An arrest has been made.

ICE Issues Detainer Request For Man Arrested For California Wine Country Fires

Since the accused is an illegal, and considering California just made themselves a 'sanctuary' state, which means illegals (even ones accused of crimes) can hide from Federal authorities in California, I would say the chances are good he will never even go to trial.

Jerry Brown, De León Reach Deal to Make California ‘Sanctuary State’

The death toll from these wildfires is now the worst.

"Nothing More Than Ash And Bone" - NorCal Wildfires Now Deadliest In State's History

Hmmm, Brown's sister, eh?

Jerry Brown and the California wildfires

Here are some other California troubles:

Kamala Harris: 1 in 2 children in California depend on Medicaid

Nearly a dozen Calif. counties had more registered voters than eligible voters in 2016 election

California's sick and dying animals:

OCT 4: More than 2,000 leopard sharks and other species found dead in San Francisco Bay area

JUNE 3: Hundreds of dead sea birds and sea lions wash up dead on beaches in California

JAN 31: Thousands of birds found dead from Avian Cholara in Sacramento


California Renter Apocalypse

Number of homeless people increases in Los Angeles

More than one third of schoolchildren are homeless in shadow of Silicon Valley

North Beach tenant’s rent increased from $1,800 to $8,000 a month

San Francisco Home Prices: "This Is Troubling"

San Francisco Rental Market Shows Signs Of Cracking Under Pressure Of Excess Supply

Minimum wage law:

California’s $15 Minimum Wage Ends Apparel Industry Revival

Minimum wage madness is killing off California's restaurants

UC Berkeley forced to cut 500 jobs after $15 minimum wage hike

The Dire Consequences of California’s $15 Minimum Wage

California cities beg for minimum wage hike waivers


San Diego's Deadly Hepatitis A Outbreak Turns "Statewide Epidemic" As "Outbreak Could Last Years"

Heroin use fuels surge of ER visits among millenials

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance Now Offering Mindfulness

“Christian” Homosexual Singer Vicky Beeching Thanks Contemplative Spirituality For Helping Her “Come Out”

Hillary Clinton's pastor ties her election loss to Jesus' crucifixion

Liberty Counsel warns Northland Community Church in Orlando is hosting heresy

New Report Says Islam Will Surpass Christianity And Become The Largest Religion In The World

Notorious abortionist says he’s doing ‘God’s work'

The Cowardly Defense of Sin: Jen Hatmaker's Rejection of the Bible

The Assemblies of God and Israel

When the church celebrates sex-change surgery

Yoga: How did it conquer the world and what's changed?

After Yoga, Meditation Breaks Into the Mainstream

The Shack:

SHACK THEOLOGY: Universalism, TBN, Oprah, and the New Age

Artist ‘Deeply Regrets’ Designing ‘Shack’ Cover, Says A Loving God Must “Judge”

“The Shack” and a Cat Named Judas

Fourth Letter to Christian Leaders Goes Out – A Warning About “The Shack”

The Shack’s Author William Paul Young on Substitutionary Atonement

Santa Muerte:

And a long time reader of this blog (thx, RT!) let me know about a cult phenomena that has been growing in popularity among Mexicans and that is Santa Muerte, or Holy Dead, which (basically) involves dressing up a skeleton in female clothes as a means to give reverence to the dead.

Santa Muerte at Wikipedia.

Dan Brown:

Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, has a new book out, Origin, with an edgy new thought -- that our origins are in evolution.

Oh, wait. You know what? We . . . we actually have heard that before.

And you know how most books have a disclaimer in fine print somewhere in the beginning (origin?) along the lines that any person named in the book is just a coincidence to any living (or dead) person? Well, apparently not this time. And Brown went there.

Author Dan Brown Gets Smacked Down by Physicist He Referenced in Novel

And the printing ink isn't even dry yet!

Jason A covers Brown's latest book, and what great timing for this week's posts about apostasy, heresy, and strange teachings.